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Death Midwife 


No One Dies Alone

It's important to prepare for your End Of Life before you are on your deathbed - this can be done at ANY time prior, even while "healthy!". I can provide non-judgmental support during you or a loved one's death/transitioning, create ritual, be an active/empathetic presence, offer comfort measures, give emotional & logistical support and/or give resources & referrals.

Comprehensive End of Life Planning

Provide a roadmap for your loved ones and caregivers, guiding them to carry out your wishes and make well-informed decisions on your behalf. I help you through the process of thoroughly documenting your wishes, limiting emotional burden for both you and your loved ones.  

Death, Drinks & Directives

Tea, coffee, drinks, dinner, dessert...Gather your friends in a relaxed setting for a lively conversation about death and an opportunity to learn about and discuss completing an Advance Directive document. Everyone over the age of 18, should have an Advance Directive.

Patient & Family Support

Coping with the stress and anxiety of terminal illness and advanced age is difficult and often overwhelming. I provide both emotional and practical support with the goal of helping families achieve "a good death", whatever that means to you.

After Death Care Education

A home funeral can be whatever is comfortable for you and your family. There is no right or wrong way to plan a home funeral.  I provide guidance and support for families by sharing resources and information for those who wish to create their own personalized funerals.

Burial & Disposition Options

Let me guide you through our local offerings, service providers and what to expect as you make arrangements.  You may be surprised by some of the options.











Make Planning Simple

End-of-Life planning is an important step for everybody, but many find it to be an overwhelming task. Thinking about the end of life can be difficult. Delaying the discussions until a crisis occurs will only magnify an already stressful time.

I offer consultations to make this process as simple and relaxed as possible. During your planning session, you will receive education and support to complete an Advance Directive (if you don't already have one), as well as create a document that will address your healthcare wishes, body disposition choices, dependent care, possessions, digital footprint, and the legacy you'd like to leave...ultimately designing a roadmap for your loved ones to follow when the time comes.

We live in a complicated world and in person meetings aren't always possible. Zoom planning is also available.


Comprehensive EOL Private Session

App. 1 hr 30 min | $200 

In a comfortable setting, discuss and create a document detailing your desires for handling your affairs at the end of life. Includes follow-up session. 

Comprehensive EOL Semi-Private Session

App. 2 hr | $250

In a comfortable setting, discuss and create a document detailing your desires for handling your affairs at the end of life. Two-person session. Includes follow-up session.












Up to 6 people. App. 60-90 Minutes  | $ 300

Drinks, Dessert, Dinner...Whatever You Want

Enjoy an evening with friends and get started on your end-of-life planning journey. You and your companions plan the evening. I'll provide the encouragement and support you need to complete an Advance Directive. Enjoy a lively conversation about death, learn the value of an Advance Directive, understand the different sections of the document and gain the confidence to make decisions that fit you and your individual situation. 

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