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Exceptional, Individually Tailored care for Wellness , Pregnancy, Home Birth, and the Fourth Trimester​​                                  Covering McHenry, Dekalb, Boone, Lake and Southern Wisconsin Walworth County

Autonomous Independent Model Of Care

I am so happy that you are here!










​I am a Sacred Wise Woman trained under a CPM & LM . I have chosen the route as Traditional Midwife (TM). Also called a Direct Entry Midwife (DEM). I've chosen not to be regulated by the states and will stay a traditional route. It is the most ancient form of midwifery practice there is. Midwifery has been around since the dawn of mothers and babies. Midwives, for thousands of years learned through the ancient knowledge of their mothers and grandmothers passed down for generations. That sacred connectivity and continuity of women's wisdom and the legacy of midwives was intentionally oppressed and forced out of the mainstream with the rise of medicalized practices. But the roots never die. Especially with something as deep and profound as woman to woman connection, birth and healing practices. It still lives on in the hearts and practices of the women who managed to preserve our history, women's history through the practice and cultivation of traditional midwifery.

​Combined with my schooling at Indie Birth Midwifery School, my 2+ years training under a CPM & LM , a completed PEP route apprenticeship , continuing education, midwifery workshops skills and 14 years experience as an Intuitive Healer, I have been incredibly blessed to be of a growing minority of women in America who have answered the call of the ancient ones as Traditional Midwives.


We are the keepers of thousands of years of women's craft, healing arts, story and connectivity. Preserving these arts and reviving them is vital in the healing of women to embody true anonymity of body, mind and spirit. Birth is a natural, profound part of life. Children are the light of the world, and women are the channel for that light. Birth is not a medical condition. When women work to de-condition themselves from the ingrained fear narratives of today's western society about birth and motherhood, they re-discover their ancient power, reclaim their bodies and awaken again from the sleep that is a pervasive, through no original fault of their own, ignorance that was intentionally induced to profit and oppress, rather than revel in and celebrate women, babies and LIFE.


To heal women and birth, is to heal the world.

As a sacred wise woman,  autonomous, independent, traditional midwife, I am directly employed by the families I care for. The benefit of working with a private midwife in this way, is that you get to choose who will be accompanying you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Over the course of your pregnancy we have the opportunity to build a strong and meaningful relationship based on trust, communication and continuity beyond pregnancy. The families that I serve are extensions of my family. 


Because I carry a small client load, I am able to give you the time and attention you need. My care is based on the best available evidence, and I can help you to navigate the research and provide balanced information, so that you are empowered to make informed choices - helping you to feel confident and in control.​

​With our knowledge, love, patience, perseverance, intuition and humility, we take care of and accompany the act of birth by recognizing it as a deep and spiritual moment. We trust in the wisdom of the bodies of the women and their babies like in the power of the mother earth. For this reason we use its elements to hold up the balance and to serve life and its cycles. I want you to have the home birth of your dreams.

I am passionate about my work, and I am dedicated to providing a high standard of spiritual, emotional and physical care for you . Working with me, you will feel fully supported, your desires heard, fears put to ease, past experiences discussed and have felt completely safe throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, knowing that the choices you are making are fully informed, understood and respected. My goal is to support you and your baby to have the best birth possible, even if things do not go according to plan. I work closely with you to develop your confidence and intuition, whether we're working together in pregnancy or after your baby is here. Birth is a great mystery, and cannot be controlled, but we can work together towards the birth you want, so you can start to unlock and understand the gifts and opportunities for growth and healing of this particular pregnancy and birth, supporting you to feel positive and empowered however things unfold. ​

​Working independently means that I can offer you personalized, one-to-one continuity of care through your pregnancy and the postnatal period, with the certainty that I will respond and that you will know who will be present at your birth.. I can put you at the center of your care - appointments are unhurried and last as long as they need, usually 1-2 hours. They take place in the comfort of your own home or my home office, and at times that are convenient to you and your family. There are no time constraints, waiting times or competing priorities, and visits do not finish until all your questions are answered. You are still entitled to blood tests, scans and consultant appointments and I can help you to organize these as needed. 


If things change and a hospital birth is necessary, then I can provide support and advocacy at your hospital birth. Sometimes things come up that we wouldn't have chosen or planned. Should this occur, I will work with you to explore the risks, benefits and alternatives to any interventions that might be suggested or advised. I am all about education, I am allllll about informed consent. But not the type of "informed consent" that basically informs you to consent, but the type of informed consent that puts you in the driver's seat of your care. I give you an overview of the research, the pros and cons of just about everything we can offer you, and you get to say yes or no.


I give you information about tests available to you, referrals I can offer, choices you have for interventions...and then we get to discuss it and you get to make the final call. If there is something that clinically we deem to be necessary, we have that conversation as well. I love when my families feel in control of their options - and while sometimes making these decisions can feel uncomfortable because it is so different than most of our medical system... it is a journey of empowerment for sure.

You have access to care and advice from me all the way through your pregnancy and the postnatal period, with the certainty that I will respond and that you will know who will be present at your birth. 










"Birth is not only about making babies, birth is also about making powerful mothers... Strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."  - ​Barbara Katz Rothman



​​Here is a great explanation on the holistic stages of labor ,

I love love love love it! 

Click this link 




You are an individual - with your own hopes, fears, dreams and goals. These will form the basis of our work together as we plan your care together in sistership. Your partner or other children can also be involved in this care if you choose. 
In this meeting of hearts, weaving together ebb & flow: We manifest in a strong manner for the preservation, reinforcement and exercise of the traditional midwifery and midwifery in the tradition, likewise its visibility, valorization, respect and protection. 

Antenatal Care
Pregnancy is a very special time, preparing to meet your baby and developing a relationship of trust with your midwife. Appointments are in the comfort of your own home or my home office and scheduled at a time that is convenient to you and your partner. There is plenty of time to discuss your choices and decisions, and to work with any fears that may come up along the way, enabling you to feel empowered and confident by the time you are welcoming your baby.

Each visit consists if you choose:

  • 1-hour-long prenatal appointments ,Once a month from weeks 10-35, Every two weeks from 36-39 weeks,Weekly from 40 weeks to birth.

  • Vitals
  • Urine analysis 10 strip

  • ​Fetal growth, heart tones, positioning  

  • Emotional and physical changes support 

  • Childbirth education 

  • Breastfeeding education

  • In depth nutritional counseling

  • In depth conversations and counseling about procedures and tests. We will discuss the risks and benefits so you can make an informed decision about what you want or don’t want throughout your pregnancy.

  • All routine testing, ultrasounds, or bloodwork, are available if you wish. 

  • An open ear to questions, concerns and fears

  • Family appointments (bring you other children, partner etc…)

  • Alternative healing modalities for traditional pregnancy related complaints

  • Homemade by me Apothecary for pregnancy

  • Relaxed and friendly environment

  • Referrals to specialists and community resources as needed and requested.

  • All prenatal visits are held in your home or my home office

  • I can also facilitate mother blessing ceremonies and shamanic drum journeys to connect with your baby.







Birth Care
I will be on-call for your birth 24/7 from 37 weeks of pregnancy. A midwife assistant or birthing doula (you will have meet them during your prenatal care) will also be quietly present at your labor if needed. While you are in labor, I will support you in a way that meets your needs and respects your choices. I have extensive experience supporting and facilitating water births and incorporate many techniques to facilitate a gentle birthing experience. My hands will only be on you or your baby if it is requested or necessary.

During your home birth, you can expect:​

  • Waterbirth or your preferred birthing place

  • Midwifery Support by phone during early labor and during Active Labor a midwife by your side. I will come whenever you need me, I will be by your side.

  • Mama and baby vital monitoring

  • Support & Guidance as desired or needed to ensure a safe and healthy outcome

  • Keeping mama and baby together and uninterrupted after delivery

  • Delayed cord clamping or other cord options (see below)

  • Midwifery Care continues up to three hours after birth, ensuring you and baby are well

  • Herbs to stabilize & manage emergencies and for routine care

  • Emergency birth supplies*

  • Perineum check**

  •  Attending your labor & birth I am certified in Adult CPR/AED, Neonatal Resuscitation and Stop the bleed.

  • Continuity of Care if transport to a hospital setting is safest for you or your baby. We remain with you until you are settled in after birth.***

  • Newborn examination after delivery, I can walk you through this process if you want to perform it yourself.

*Birth supplies( aside from your birth supplies box), emergency skills and herbs will be brought to every birth.

**Suturing skills and supplies are available when necessary. 

***In cases of hospital transfer- I will go with you to the hospital and stay to offer you compassionate and proactive support as your liaison in a Doula role. Traditional Midwives do not have hospital privileges and cannot attend as your primary care provider in cases of transfer. 


Click Here To Read More Homebirth FAQ's
Sacred Postpartum Care
Now that you and your precious babe are on the other side of labor and birth, comprehensive care continues to support your body and spirit, to ensure confidence and power as you settle into your new body and role as Mother. I can support you with any feeding issues and adapting to life with your new baby, which can be especially helpful for first-time mothers. As well as the physical mom and baby checks, I provide emotional support and birth debriefing. I offer and highly encourage birth debriefing, birth healing, birth reclaiming and birth closing ceremonies.

During this time we are:

  • Monitoring you and baby 

  • Assisting with initial breastfeeding 

  • Observing blood loss and newborn adjustment 

  • Cleaning up the birth area

  • Supporting you with nourishment and ensuring a stable start to motherhood

My birthing assistant and I will stay with you for up to 2 hours after you have had the baby. Once you and baby are stable and settled we will leave you to continue to bond and rest.


Postpartum home visits at 24 hours, 3-4 days, 7 days after your birth & every 12 days until 6-8 weeks post partum, then every couple of months throughout the first year.

During the postpartum visits, I offer if you choose:​​

  • Mother and newborn care and vitals

  • Check healing of tears (if any)

  • Gather necessary information to file the birth certificate and social security information

  • Sacred mother roasting
  • Newborn metabolic screening offered

  • Newborn hearing screening

  • Breastfeeding guidance, support and/or IBCLC referral if needed

  • Sacred baby classes where we honor baby

  • Utilization of herbs to support multiple layers of post partum healing

  • Reminders and frequent check-ins on how proper healing requires the mother to be "lying in"

  • Education and emphasis on carrying your baby with comfort

  • Mindful movement and exercising safely post partum

  • Natural Family Planning + conscious contraception counseling

  • Wise Woman exam offered at 6-8 week visit (see details here)

  • Wise woman and sacred baby care through 12 weeks

  • 4th Trimester & beyond / every 3 months post partum check-in for first year

  • Deep support provided during the complex and often conflicting emotions that arise postpartum

  • Referrals for postpartum doulas, meal delivery service, lactation support, mental health resources, energy workers, chiropractic, new mom groups and any resources that would enable self-care

  • Having tea together and just processing










Cord Services Options

Cord Burning- Cord burning is the process of using heat (fire from a candle, usually) to sever the baby’s umbilical cord after birth, rather than the typical cutting. After the placenta has been delivered, the baby is snuggled skin-to-skin on mother’s chest with cord intact and still attached to the placenta.

I make and offer a customized burning box for you to keep. *Additional fee


Cutting- Partner or mama cuts the cord with a cord clamp attached.


Lotus- A lotus birth is the decision to leave your baby’s umbilical cord attached after they are born. The umbilical cord remains attached to the placenta until it dries and falls off by itself

Birthing Options


Water birth can be a wonderful way to promote relaxation and reduce stress while simultaneously easing the pain of labor. Moon Phases Of Life will supply a birth tub (if available) to all of our clients at 37 weeks pregnancy if desired. Additional supplies will need to be ordered ahead of time.

So many benefits of water birth! I’m seeing an increasing amount of women I support say they’d choose a water birth. 

Some of the benefits of water birth include:

  • The warm water acts as a natural epidural, soothing the majority of labor pains and reducing blood pressure

  • You have a protected space allowing you to lean into whatever labor position you choose

  • Catching your own baby or your partner , if you'd like

  • Reduced need for drugs or intervention

  • Reduced risk of vaginal tears

  • An easier transition for the baby from womb to Earthside

For some women, the thought of giving birth in a pool can seem foreign and you might have many questions. Check out the FAQ section and if that doesn’t answer your questions, we can discuss them at any of our prenatal appointments.



We welcome vaginal birth after Cesarean. VBAC is a viable and safe option for families desiring a home birth with midwives. With an appropriate free consult and screening, healthy women wanting to have a home HBAC(home birth after cesarean) is accepted at Moon Phases Of Life. Typically when someone has had a cesarean and is seeking a different birth the next time there is usually a trauma associated with the cesarean, hence why they don't want to do it again. We ask our VBAC clients, to turn inside, dig deep, and clear out any emotional trauma before giving birth the next time around. In doing so, our VBAC rates tend to be very successful.

You have the choice to choose where and how you want to give birth. I suggest you do research and inform yourself with the following resources;

International Cesarean Awareness Network

 Homebirth After Cesarean-HBAC

 VBAC Support Group



For more information, check out my resources page here.

And for more FAQs about HBACs, check out the FAQ section here.


Fees for Midwifery Services

Prenatal, birth, and postpartum services are billed as one fee. There is a non refundable contract fee due at the time of your first visit, with the remainder of your balance due by 35 weeks. I do my best to keep prices low and cost-effective. When you set up your consultation, you will discuss the financial agreement and what the fee does and does not cover. 


Payment Plans

I accept cash, checks, HSA/FSA cards, direct PayPal transfers, Venmo, Zelle, and credit/debit cards using Square card processing services. There is a $200 discount offered to clients that pay full balance at first appointment with cash/checks, or direct transfers (PayPal/Venmo/Zelle) – Discount is applied to final payment if/when all requirements are met. At the first prenatal visit, I like to work out a payment plan outlining the total price to be paid and a schedule of payments. All payments must be received by 35 weeks unless an alternative agreement is arranged.

Discount for active military or veteran families of $500 off the total



Currently, insurance companies are not required to cover midwifery care provided by an out-of-hospital midwife. If you have insurance and would like to attempt insurance reimbursement for your midwifery care costs, I will complete a superbill or itemized bill at the end of your care to submit to your insurance company. You must be paid in full for me to complete a superbill/itemized bill. Be aware, health insurance reimbursement is not a guarantee, and Medicaid WILL NOT offer reimbursement.  See more about insurance


Are you pregnant and unable to find a midwife you connect with in your area? Looking for a midwife to cover your practice for vacation or maternity leave? I am now available for travel midwifery, but be sure to reach out soon before I book up at my home base!


Assistants & Student Midwives

We actively employ qualified student midwives as homebirth assistants.
We are honored and hopeful, to change the old dynamic of “unpaid apprenticeships” for qualified, hardworking birth workers.
While we do not currently offer fulltime apprenticeships, we do offer qualified student midwives to work as assistants.
Therefore, our birth assistants are often student midwives with specific experience and qualifications, and are paid to attend your labor and birth as a qualified assistant should be.
This is a value to the client, as certain student midwives often have more clinical experience than birth assistants. It is a value to the midwife, to have a second qualified attendant with clinical skills, and importantly, it is a value to the community of student midwives, and to the traditional model of “each one, teach one”, and midwifery traditions of sharing ancient wisdom.

You may opt out of student attendance, or student clinical care, at any time with private consent forms.

cord burning
waterbirth with fairy lights
nature birth
water birth

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