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Our beloved pets are as cherished and loved as family and their innate ability to reciprocate the love and affection we give them creates a mysterious, beautiful bond. The loss of a family member is no less heartbreaking and confusing even if they are furry, scaled, or feathered.

A Pet Doula is a comforting presence before, during and after the death of your pet by providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support to you and your loved ones.

  • Creating comfort and ease for you and your pet

  • Providing soothing aromatherapy

  • Demystifying the dying process and euthanasia

  • Assistance in discovering the options and services available to pets and their humans

  • Memorializing and celebrating your special bond

  • Providing a more peaceful experience for all involved

  • Aftercare and supporting family in grief






These are in-person or virtual meetings to create an end-of-life plan for your pet. This service promotes peace of mind and explores Death as our teacher. Together we will discuss everything about your beloved pet including resources, options, services, celebration of life and rituals.









If you would like a doula present when saying goodbye to your beloved pet, I can be there. I will travel to you whether it is your home or the vet’s office within the area. During that time, I can be a support by demystifying the euthanasia or dying process, help in making arrangements, guide after death care, and create sacred floral ritual and ceremony.





The transition of your pet is never easy and grief appears in many forms and at different stages. All my services include grief support. Although I am not a grief counselor, I take the honoring of grief very seriously and provide extended follow up and resources for my clients.

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