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Placenta Encapsulation, Tincture, Essence Or Placenta Print





Beneficial Supplements

It should be noted that individual results may vary.

Are you considering placenta encapsulation services to improve your postpartum experience?


Placenta encapsulation is being touted as a new trend, however, the practice goes back centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. So, what exactly is placenta encapsulation and what benefits can you derive from it?

Placenta encapsulation is the process where the placenta is turned into a powder form and put into pill capsules to be ingested postpartum.

The notion behind ingesting your own placenta postpartum is that, as a remarkable organ full of nutrients that nourished the baby, it can also provide nutrients to the mother after birth --the main nutrient being iron.

In addition to iron, the placenta is full of vitamins and minerals such B6 and B12,

These reproductive hormones drop after you give birth.

Prolactin: A hormone that promotes lactation

Oxytocin: “The love hormone” that promotes pain relief, and as it’s also released during labor, birth & breastfeeding; it encourages hormonal bonding with your baby and an increase in contentment

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH): Helps boost energy levels and aids in recovery from taxing events

Cortisone: Another hormone that tackles stress and unlocks energy stores

Interferon: An antibody that stimulates the immune system to protect against infections

Prostaglandins: Anti-inflammatory agents designed to speed up recovery

Hemoglobin: Protein that replenishes iron deficiency and anemia, a common postpartum condition

Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII: Enzyme-like agents that stop bleeding and promote wound healing throughout the body

Gammaglobulins: Immune booster proteins that help protect against postpartum infections


Additional benefits of consuming your placenta,

Many women testify that consuming placenta pills and tinctures helped them have a better postpartum experience. In fact, the reported benefits include:

  • Improves recovery from birth

  • Restores and balances post birth hormones

  • Reduction of postpartum hemorrhage

  • Replenishment of nutrients

  • Improves post partum and energy

  • Reduces pain after childbirth

  • Supports lactation

Then you may have also heard about placenta tinctures.

What is that? you ask. Well, here is your answer.


First, you will complete taking your placenta pills. Once they are all gone, you will still have your placenta tincture! You may use the tincture after six weeks in times of stress, anxiety, or emotional lows. Simply place a small amount of drops under your tongue or in water, juice or tea as needed.


A tincture is a highly concentrated liquid extract of herbs, plants or other natural products. For example, vanilla extract, which you probably have in your pantry, is a tincture. Vanilla extract is made by dissolving a vanilla bean in alcohol.

Similarly, a placenta tincture is made by infusing dehydrated ground placenta powder in alcohol. The traditional method of encapsulation is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC). TMC is one of the oldest herbal systems in the world. This method includes steaming the placenta using lemon and ginger to infuse and dehydrate before grinding and encapsulating. I use a high-quality, gluten-free, 60% proof (or more), Vodka. I as your postpartum placenta specialist will place the placenta powder and alcohol in a small jar where it stays for six weeks to get to full maturity. You should store your placenta tincture in a cool dark location such as a kitchen cabinet.

What are the perks to getting a placenta tincture?

  • Longevity and stability – According to herbalist’s guidelines, a tincture does not expire.

  • Ease of storage – A tincture does not require refrigeration.

  • Ease of administering – A tincture penetrates the mucous membrane, therefore it is fast acting.


What are the drawbacks to a placenta tincture?

  • It will take 6 weeks before fully maturing.


Placenta Services I Offer:

  • Placenta Encapsulation | $350 Booking in Advance | $425 Impromptu

    • In order to preserve the placenta's delicate molecular structures we recommend the Raw Start Encapsulation Method (where the placenta is dehydrated at 160° for a minimum of 12 hours) for those who are a good candidate.

    • As an alternative, we also offer the Traditional Method, which is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. With this method, the placenta is lightly steamed before dehydrating at 160°.

    • Each placenta produces 100-200 capsules. The bigger your baby, the bigger your placenta!

    • Each Bundle includes:​

      • Placenta Encapsulation Services

      • Cord Keepsake (wherever possible)

      • Postpartum Usage Guide

      • Capsule Delivery to You








  • Placenta Print | $65 with bundle| $100 alonePlacenta prints make beautiful art, you can frame it and admire the amazing tree of life that nourished your child for years to come. We will use your placenta to create a classic “tree” print on high quality watercolor paper before beginning the process for encapsulation. The result is an organic piece of art that is unique to you.

  • 8oz Placenta Tincture | $100 | $175 alone

    • A tincture is made with fresh placenta components steeped in grain-based alcohol. The tincture is swirled daily for six weeks. This shelf-stable placenta infusion can be used long after your capsules are gone, and even into menopau

  • Placenta Essence -8oz dropper bottle | $100 | $175 alone

Essence is very popular and extremely helpful at times of illness or stress from teething pain or colic. A drop can be a unique rescue remedy for your baby or growing child when they are fretful or under the weather.

The placenta contains vitamins, minerals and hormones so it is a very good immune remedy. It is also a rich source of stem cells, and an essence allows for perfect preservation.

This excellent all-round healer has had tremendous reviews from clients. Placenta Essence can last a lifetime.

Potential uses include;

  • help when baby is unsettled, irritable or unwell

  • ease and offer comfort to babies with colic

  • help with teething pain

  • boost baby’s immune system

  • help when weaning baby from the breast feeding

  • help with separation anxiety

We recommend the Placenta Essence is used from 8-10 weeks onwards.

No Matter What You Choose:

  • All placenta handling is done by Amy Luebke and I utilize care and respect while processing your placenta. I follow OSHA Guidelines and I am Bloodborne Pathogen Certified.

  • I aim to return your capsules within 48-72 hours of placenta pickup. Please note that this timeframe may be extended during periods of high volume.

Homebirth/ Freebirth Placenta Options













Lotus Birth

Some families choose Lotus Birth for their babies. Lotus Birth is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord intact. The baby lets go of the cord as she chooses, when it dries and falls off, usually within 2-7 days. Receiving the full amount of the valuable cord blood and stem cells present at birth is of major benefit to the child's ongoing health and well-being.
The placenta is cared for using sea salt and herbs to preserve it and keep it smelling lovely.
Lotus Birth is a very gentle way to transition your baby into the world, and is very simple.
Support, instructions and education are available to those interested in the process of lotus birth, including how to prepare the placenta during a lotus birth.

"Why do people choose Lotus Birth?"
For many reasons...some people feel it is very peaceful, and energetically gentle for the baby. The placenta and the baby have been so close, "twins" and are created from the same cells in the very beginning of gestation through the 9 months in utero. Some families desire to keep placenta and baby attached and wait for baby to let go of his placenta and he chooses.

Please go to for an article on Lotus Birth by CBS that Darby was interviewed for. 

"Lotus Born children receive the full amount of the very valuable cord blood that is present at birth. Measuring around 1/3 of the baby's total blood supply this cord blood, which is actually the store of blood from the baby's placenta is rich and unique, containing stem cells, iron, oxygen, hormones and enzymes. This blood is needed to give the baby's vital organs the full amount of placental blood needed for optimum post-natal health.
When the baby receives his or her full placental transfusion the liver, kidneys, heart, gut, skin, digestive system and brain will be replete with this life-giving blood and will function fully, as nature intended.
With the cord still attached to the placenta the immature liver and kidneys are supported in eliminating waste from the baby's body immediately after birth allowing for the off loading of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.
Lotus Birth cares for the subtle energetic bodies: the aura and the chakras, which are well mapped and recognized in eastern health systems such as acupuncture and shiatsu. The navel chakra is the major energy center in the body. Lotus Birth leaves this chakra undisturbed and many claim that this has major benefits for the child's ongoing health."
~Shivam Rachana, author of the book Lotus Birth















On Delayed Cord Clamping:
Delayed Cord Clamping is crucial to the baby's well being. At your homebirth/ freebirth through Moon Phases Of Life the cord is always left intact to finish pulsing and the baby receives all her valuable blood, oxygen and stem cells. Amy waits a minimum of 1 hour after birth to clamp the cord, usually longer. However, in hospital births the typical practice is to clamp and cut the cord right away, in which time the baby is robbed of her crucial life force.








On Cord Burning:
A special way of separating the baby from the placenta, using the power of fire. Two candles are used to burn the cord until the baby is detached from the placenta. This is an option at your homebirth.

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