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Healing Begins From Within

Begin your journey of vibrant health & wellness in mind, body, & spirit

Let My Radiant Touch Assist You

Our bodies hold many past injuries & traumas; physical, emotional and spiritual.

I’m Here To Remind You Of Your Own Inner Source Of Healing

Come explore my offering of different Natural Therapeutics modalities

What Is Healing To You?

Our daily habits can cause us to have a limited range of motion that restricts our freedom of movement & ultimately causes pain.

Past injuries or surgeries can also create scar tissue & tension caused by trauma & impact.

Frequent bodywork has been proven to effectively address the issues that have negatively affected your quality of life.

Compliment your physical therapy or chiropractic care & begin your journey to living pain free.

Realign your posture

Release stuck trauma causing you pain

Revitalize your being

Reestablish balance

I am a Reiki Master and a Natural Therapeutic Specialist that offers a range of subtle energy treatments as well as hands on manipulation of the tissues to stimulate the conscious healing field of your body.

I work with people who are seeking a natural approach to healing using a variety of holistic therapies.

By regularly treating any current imbalances that show up as discomfort or reoccurring pain, the space is created for energy to freely flow throughout the body preventing dis-ease from manifesting into chronic conditions.


Schedule your Natural Therapeutic session today and discover how great you are meant to feel.

$80 for a 60 minute treatment

$120 for a 90 minute treatment

Types of Therapeutic Treatments

Subtle Energy Therapies


Reiki - a Japanese technique for stress reduction & relaxation that promotes healing 

Traditional Chinese Medicine - a Chinese therapy to promote Qi flow throughout the body’s meridians

Unwinding - a technique used to release specific tension patterns caused by stuck trauma resulting from repetitive motions, injuries, & accidents


Hands On Massage

Abhyanga - An Ayurvedic warm oil massage that focuses on the lymph nodes for a longer lasting effect. Abhyanga is a Sanskrit word meaning “showering of love”

Womb Reiki | $100 | 60 mins

  • Hear the voice of your womb and experience her as a gateway to the earth and cosmic wombs

  • Release trauma from this lifetime, past lives and from the maternal line

  • Release ties to old lovers and stories

  • Connect to your ancestors

  • Alchemise fear and pain into healing and joy


Hot Stone Therapy | $150 | 90 mins

Feel your muscles release tension and relax with a Sacred Hot Stone Massage. Each hot stone is carefully placed on specific parts of your body to aid in relaxing the muscle allowing me to massage the muscle into deeper healing. Hot river stones, coupled with light massage, help expand blood vessels, and encourage blood flow throughout the body, provide pain and stress relief, and promote better sleep. 

Cupping Therapy |$50 | 60 mins

Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy commonly used to reduce pain and alleviate muscular tension. Cupping Therapy involves the suction of glass, plastic, or silicone cups to the muscle tissue. This form of "Myofascial Decompression" helps stimulate blood circulation and bring essential nutrients to the tissues. Cupping may aid in muscle recovery after vigorous workouts and may also stimulate the immune system by subtly detoxing through the body's lymphatic system. Many cultures utilize this traditional modality as a safe and effective therapy for restoring flow and balance.

Facials | $99 | 60 mins

I use handmade plant medicine from Laurel Skin in Petaluma, CA. These potent, 100% working products bring down inflammation and nourish your skin. Think farm to face.

Save your skin's microbiome as well as embrace your Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine in this 60 minutes of zen bliss. I will be using a luxury hand crafted, organic skin care to uplift, rejuvenate and calm inflammation in your skin. Thoughtful techniques will soothe, plump, firm and relax the facial and neck muscles. Extra bonuses include: aromatherapy, hand + arm massage, full face and neck massage, plus sound healing. You can request energy healing or crystals at no additional charge if you are in a funk and need some rebalancing.

Microdermabrasion Clearings | $60 |45 mins

Micro-Dermabrasion, gently removes dead skin cells by using customized Micro-Dermabrasion tips covered in tiny diamonds, thus eliminating the risk of damage to the skin. Micro Dermabrasion reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as scarring from acne and other disorders. Micro Dermabrasion polishes the skin, providing a smoother, lighter, and more youthful appearance. Each package treatment consists of a series of (4) separate procedures, cooling seaweed masque, and custom-blended Sacred Youth Serum.

45 minutes per procedure • Package available for $200, scheduled every 4-6 weeks.

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