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Bringing Us Back To Our Roots

Sacred Autonomous Care From Womb To Tomb.

Moon Phases Of Life is committed to honoring the unique nature of each family dynamic. I believe that the beauty of this world comes from within and I welcome all walks of life into my care. I want to be hand in hand, side by side as your life guardian, protecting your space around your life experiences. 


She is me, I am her



I am woman who has healed her past, mastered her fears, reclaimed her intuition, found her gifts and her 'path of Spirit' and heart and has become a woman of power and purpose.  This is Freedom, freedom of spirit, freedom from 'ought's' and 'should's'. Freedom is choice - when we realize we have choice we are empowered. In a ancient worldwide system of personal and environmental healing. I am connection to Spirit and core energy and a way of life that embraces the healer, seer and wisdom keeper.

I started my womb to tomb practice during Covid 2020 because I was very upset with witnessing so many people having their birth experiences alone and masked up in hospitals. To me, your birth story should be an incredible sacred event that you and your family should experience. I was extremely upset watching my own family, amongst others experiencing a loved one dying alone in the hospitals or in facilities as their families had to look or talk to them through a glass window outside or on a video call if they were coherent enough to hold a conversation or if they were not coherent, you had to schedule a video call and the nursing staff would hold the phone pointing towards your loved one so you can see them alone in the room. It was then, an internal fire was lit inside of me and I said I wanted to change that! I want to make sure that those births are sacred, intimate, relaxed, personable and comfortable with loved ones and experience a happy birth story. I want to make sure that not 1 single person has to ever die alone.  Whether you are bringing new life into this world or you on your way out of this world. I want to walk the end of the earth with you, hand in hand, side by side as your life guardian.


I want everyone to feel heard, seen, safe, and held in a sacred space of comfort, Empowered in their own body.


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