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Moon Phases Of Life Midwife  & Life Doula

A Natural & Holistic Way To Go Through All Stages Of Life.



I started my practice during Covid 2021 because I was very upset by seeing so many people having their birth experiences alone and masked up in hospitals. To me, your birth story should an incredible sacred experience that you, your partner and family should experience. I also was super sad for people dying alone in the hospitals or care centers as their families had to look or talk to them through a glass window outside or on a video call if they were coherent enough to hold a conversation or if they were not coherent, you had to schedule a video call and the nursing staff would hold the phone pointing towards your loved one so you can see them alone in the room. It was then, I said I wanted to change that! I want to make sure that those births are sacred, intimate, relaxed and comfortable with loved ones and experience a happy birth story. I wanted to make sure that not 1 single person has to ever die alone again. I want to walk the end of the earth with you if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. I want everyone to feel heard, seen, feel safe, and held in a sacred space of comfort and empowerment with your own bodies from birth to death

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My Mission


I Believe it Takes a TEAM…


I trust you as the best decision maker in your care, and value giving you the opportunity to make informed decisions without being pressured or coerced. The process of making informed decisions is called shared decision-making. It’s a process that begins when providers identify the values, beliefs, and roles of the families they work with, including the amount and way information is best received. It requires the Doula to know her own experience, values, and practice style. Benefits and risks of the options available are discussed, including the team’s personal experiences or intuition. Shared-decision making includes giving adequate time for decisions, and checking to see you understand the information given. When information is understood, the team creates an individualized plan, which respects the environment at hand, making a decision with mutual agreement and follow-up.

“Everyone brings their story and unique perspective, and that’s a gift nobody else can give.”



Equity means being fair, just, and impartial. Our worth and value are not determined by our performance, connections, physical capabilities or intellect, but dwells within us. I know everyone brings their story and unique perspective, and that’s a gift nobody else can give. Your story is yours. It will influence the way you make decisions, and the way you collect information to support those decisions. I value listening to you and your story. I value non-judgement.

“I educate to give people information to make the choices right for them, with care providers, who will listen without judgement. ”


I am an ambassador for ancient tradition and new evidence; doctors and granny midwives; homes and hospitals; retired midwives and future midwives My mission is to represent the old and the new, to make a better path for those who come and stand upon the shoulders of the mothers and healers who brought us to this place. I am an ambassador in our community. I educate to give people information to make the choices right for them, with care providers, who will listen without judgement.

Making Life Better

When people are listened to, informed about their options, and seen as active participants, it leads to satisfying life experiences. When families have a life experience they feel proud of, it facilitates an easier and happier postpartum or end of life. Studies show women remember their birth experience for the rest of their life!  In ancient Chinese medicine it’s believed when mothers are properly nourished after they have a baby, they emerge stronger and healthier than before. I’ve seen that to be true and believe positive birth experiences increase quality of life! I value positive birth experiences and recognize being with families through the transformative experience of birth is at times an overwhelming job! I seek to improve quality of life for parents, babies, midwives, student midwives, and other professionals in this field.

I believe that people not only fear death but also fear being forgotten.

We exist to alleviate death & legacy anxieties by celebrating your life’s story and supporting you at the end of it.

I believe that NO ONE DIES ALONE!

I am a scriber, storyteller, and listening ears for both the living and the dying.

For the dying, I am a companion, friend, caregiver, and end of life support.



Get in touch to find out what I can offer you.

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