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Sacred Mother Blessings

$300.00 + travel expenses = 4 hours (set up/ take down help) + the following

A Mother Blessing Ceremony is an event that creates space to honour, support and celebrate a woman's sacred journey into motherhood, with the focus on her, rather than a conventional baby shower where the focus is on the baby.

A Mother Blessing Ceremony involves the mother to be gathering with her close female companions at home, outside in nature. We all come together in circle to honour the mother physically and spiritually.

Some common activities during a Mother Blessing Ceremony would be:

  • Upon arrival, we sip on organic herbal tea from my garden or local source and my all-time favorite raw chocolate from Loco Love chocolate whilst we waited for more women to arrive.

  • Everyone brings a special item to create a nurturing altar space at home for the mama to be to sit and feel held and empowered during her pregnancy, labour and early motherhood. Get everyone to bring a throw and cushion to make the space cozy, I will work my magic to create a beautiful, sacred and special space. You can also get everyone to bring an ‘offering’ like a flower or a crystal to create a mandala for the centre of the circle. Use your imagination and get creative here. 

  • Before we began the ceremony, we passed around Rose essential oil (which is the oil of love and the oil with the highest vibration), and got everyone to breathe it in and rub it on their heart to open up their heart chakra and fill the space with love. (Also, the smell was divine. It really helped set the scene.)

  • Sharing of readings, positive birth stories, poems, written words of support and wishes for mother and baby

  • Singing together

  • Giving massage or a foot bath or brushing the hair of the mama to be

  • Making a flower crown together for the mama to be

  • Belly painting/henna

  • Everyone is given a candle to take home and light and send their well wishes during the labour

  • Crafting/painting, We decorate flags with positive affirmations, prayers, poems and pictures, then hanging them like prayer flags. Not only is this a creative and fun activity, it also brings all your love and support into the mother, father and baby’s world when it’s hung in their home or laboring space.

  • Baby Dream Catcher Mobile It is a tradition for Native American families to make Dream Catchers for their babies. The families hung them above where the children slept, to ensure happy dreams and a peaceful sleep. I hand make a Dream Catcher out of natural elements from mother earth. Then please ask each guest to bring 1 small sentimental bead with a large hole to be hung on it. Items chosen should not be too heavy to hang safely above baby’s crib & also can be easily tied to mobile. If you prefer for me to provide the beads, I am happy to do so at no extra cost.

  • Each guest brings a bead or crystal to make a necklace or another object for the mama to be. This is for her to have during labour and beyond so she will remember she can always call upon her friends love and support through this treasure. We began the crystal ceremony. I will read some words of wisdom about the power of women coming together and supporting each other to raise children. Then they each went around and shared these three things:

  1. How they met me.

  2. What they love most about me.

  3. Their wish for me and baby girl during our birth 

 They do this whilst threading a crystal they had each chosen specifically for you and baby , and sharing why they chose that crystal. It is so beautiful and many tears of love are more than likely to happen. ​

  • We then sat down again, open the circle with sound healing led the red rope ceremony, which is where a long length of red rope or twine is passed around and each person takes their turn to weave it around their left wrist while sharing a wish for the mama and baby for the birth. By the end, everyone is connected by the red rope, which feels incredibly powerful energetically. Then you cut the rope between each person, and everyone takes their ends and ties them off around their wrist. This potent visual reminder remains on your wrist until the mama goes into labor, which is when everyone cuts the ropes off and says a prayer for the mama and baby, sends them so much love, and reaffirms their intention for her and baby’s arrival. To close out this beautiful ritual, with a sound bowl healing feeling the magic and divine sacredness of the moment.

  • Once the ceremony is finished people would then feast together. Everyone is asked to each bring a dish of the mothers favorite.

  • We sip on sparkling water that’s sugar free, botanically infused, positively charged and intentionally made on the full moon. These drinks are incredible, and we indulged in the Rose, Lavender and Jasmine flavours. 


Ceremonies last roughly 3 hours, I would be there for 4 hours to help set up and pack away. If you would like me to organize and facilitate your Mother Blessing Ceremony then we would have an initial meeting to plan what you would like. We can tailor the event to suit you and your group. You would then send me the emails or phone numbers of everyone you would like to invite and I would take care of the rest. I would get the group together and let everyone know what to bring. I would then facilitate the women in your life to support you, hold you and celebrate you and your transition into motherhood.


Note: Adding some of these options require a longer time frame to be added to you’re special event

  • Custom Invitations $45.00 - I will create a custom invitation & email it to you in the form of a jpg or pdf. You can then send this invitation via email or print & mail to your guests.

  • Group Painting $20.00 - Includes one 16X20 canvas & water color paints. Mama gets to keep the painting created for her by all her guests.

  • Goddess Yoga Session $45.00 for 30 mins or $75.00 for 60 mins -No prior yoga experience necessary. Class is customized and instructed based on the needs of each individual. This is a gentle, playful way to celebrate our bodies and this journey of life through movement and breath. Includes a meditation & essential oil anointment.

  • My beautiful friend, the super talented D'anina, can capture both photo and video footage on the day to treasure these reminders forever. If you don’t have a professional, make sure you delegate one person to capture the magic for you. Her fee is separate, I can organize the service if you'd like.

  • 8-10 person Yurt $200.00, have a yurt tent for your blessing. I will come a little earlier to set up the yurt and help you decorate it. 


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