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Sacred Postpartum Mother Roasting

Sacred Pregnancy MOTHER ROASTING is the care of the new mother AFTER BIRTH, the recovery and health of a women as they embark on their journey in to motherhood, also known as Sacred Postpartum care. This includes the recovery and health of women as they journey into motherhood. The recovery and health of a postpartum woman is extremely important. Mother roasting is a common practice for new mothers during the first forty days of their postpartum recovery and has a deep connection to heat and herbs for their healing properties. In Asia cultures, new mothers are given warm and nourishing beverages. In India, new mothers are given daily warm oil massages to help soothe strained abdominal muscles, enhance the body's healing effects towards the womb, and reduce bleeding. In Guatemala, the Mayan tradition is for new mothers to be given hot saunas with abdominal massage. A sacred postpartum is  about healing, protecting and feeding the soul, warming the body and restoring traditions. The new mother is honored and given time to recuperate from the birth process physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sacred Postpartum Care is the practice of using warming techniques to tenderly support you as your body transitions and changes gently and gradually. 

As your Mother Roaster I will facilitate the sealing of the birth process and honor your birth story by easing you into your role as Mother.  I will hold space for you on the other side of birth. I will give a healing touch and welcome you to motherhood with open arms. I will witness as you start feeding your baby milk, heal your body and being to seal the rawness of your birth experience. I will wrap you in a blanket of loving care, creating warming foods and drinks and gift you with ceremony. I will nurture you after birth, while supporting your recovery and journey into motherhood. Every woman deserves to be welcomed with open arms into motherhood through gentle and loving care.


Following ancient traditions of postpartum care, my Mother Roasting services will offer you all the need to seal the birth process and gently ease you into motherhood.  Healing Soups, Warming Baths, Binding Bellies, Tinctures and Salves, Revitalizing Teas and MOTHER BLESSINGS are available to you. Please check out the menu and tell me what you need.

Postpartum is the tender wrapping up of the healing soul, warming the body and binding mothers through the gentle guiding arms of their sisters.

How is a Sacred Mother Roaster different from a Postpartum Doula?
As a Sacred Mother Roaster I will hold space for you on the other side of birth. I don't do the typical baby or household care that a nanny, night nurse or maid might do. I will support you physically, emotionally and educationally. I will honor the journey you have been on and pay respect to the major transitions taking place. I am an extra set of hands, ears and eyes and will help pinpoint when there may be a need for professional help in regard to therapy or physical needs.

I support the Mother PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY and SPIRITUALLY. I bring these Ancient Practices all together to help with recovery during the fourth trimester.

Mother Roasting Services Ala Cart Menu

  • Postpartum Benkung Belly Binding

  • Preparing Restorative Warm Nurturing Foods & Drinks

  • Ceremonial Baths

  • Yoni/ Vaginal Steams

  • Tinctures and Tea Preparations

  • Moxibustion

  • Hot Stone Herb Abdominal Press

  • Mother Earth Placenta Offering

  • Tea Service + Birth Story Ceremony

  • Malay Floral Ceremonial Bath

  • Ceremonial Rub Down + Postpartum Tuck In



$350 with wrap you keep

What is Bengkung Belly Binding?
Bengkung belly binding is the art of wrapping a postpartum women's belly for physical support and to help hasten the recovery process after childbirth.  This belly binding technique uses a long strip of cloth to wrap around around the abdomen from the hips to the ribcage.  Women are traditionally wrapped as soon after birth as possible, ideally on day five and then worn for 40 days or longer as needed. The Bengkung belly binding technique is rooted in Malaysian culture however various countries and cultures around the world use a form of belly binding to help support the healing process.

Benefits of Belly Binding

  • Provides postural support for the torso and organs as they return to pre-pregnancy position

  • Supports and assists abdominal wall healing and diastasis recti recovery

  • Supports the body's natural spine and posture realignment post birth

  • Constant pressure on the torso and abdomen hastens healing by reducing water, fat and air in the tissue and cells

  • Stabilizes loose ligaments

  • Helps to prevent and relieve lower back aches and strains

  • Prevents slouching while feeding or holding your child

For Best Results
Women should be wrapped as soon they can after birth, ideally on day five postpartum. The belly bind should be worn daily for 10-12 hours a day for at least 40 days or longer. Often women who use a belly bind after birth return to their own pre-pregnancy size in 6-8 weeks.

After a cesarean birth women should wait at least 6 weeks until the incision is mostly healed before they are wrapped.

Babies and Partners Welcome
Your are welcome and encouraged to bring your newborn to your session at our office. We will also gladly teach your partner or family member to bind you as well so you can have the luxury of having someone bind you daily at home.

Wear Comfortable Clothes
Please wear comfortable clothes during your belly binding session. It is ideal to wrap the belly bind over your clothes. We recommend that you wear form fitting clothes without buttons or zippers and a shirt that is appropriate for nursing.

Moxa for Postpartum
$35 each visit , every 6 weeks, 45 min appointment

Chinese Mugwort is a special herb that contributes to the postpartum healing process. Moxa heat is applied over the lower back and lower abdomen areas, sending warmth and tonification to the organs and extremities. The results are physical and emotional warmth and healing, restoring what is lost during the birthing process. 

Mother Roasting can be administered immediately after birth, and anytime within the first year postpartum. Each "roast" lasts approximately one hour.

Ceremonial Bath

$200* blend of herbs, flowers, milk & honey included








Closing the birth process is an important part of the transition to motherhood. The ceremonial bath is hand created and is a sacred time for the mother. The space is energetically cleansed with sage and prepared the beauty way with candles and soft music. A bath is drawn in a clean and scrubbed bathtub. An infusion is made with a blend of healing herbs to relax and cleanse.
Herbs soothe healing tissues. The new mother is immersed into the bath filled with herbs and flowers or milk and honey as she relaxes herself. It is an environment of tranquility for the mother to surrender, receive self-healing and breathe deeply into herself as she embarks on the journey of motherhood. This is a sacred ritual to celebrate birth and initiate healing. Baby can then join mother in the bath to enhance bonding with skin-to-skin contact.

This bath can also bring closure to a birth that didn't go as planned. The baby can join the mother in the bath and have a special "re"birth ceremony to recreate a more peaceful water birth. At the end of the ceremony, I will provide the new mother with a Sacred Journal and personalized message from me. You choose which bath you would prefer: Malay Floral Bath Ceremony, Milk and Honey Bath, or an herbal bath. The ceremonial bath should wait until at least 1-2 weeks post birth, however, tradition is to wait until the 44th day post birth.


Nourishing Foods & Teas

Price $50hr

Warming foods such as bone broths, provide essential nutrients and minerals, replenish blood lost during delivery, enhance the immune system to facilitate healing and prevent infection, and help to ensure adequate milk production. Herbal teas provide essential minerals and can help to slow postpartum bleeding and replenish the structures of the womb. 

For this service, I will come to your house, we will go over your personalized menu, I will do the grocery shopping for items needed, Then I will make warming foods and teas. I will teach you how to make them for yourself and what their uses are. These will include bone broths, restorative soups, Chia energy bites, rice porridge, cinnamon cashew horchata, turmeric tea, lactation tea, Thai iced sweet tea and more.

Embrace the Sacred Ritual of Closing of the Bones











Honoring Your Journey into Motherhood

In the ancient traditions of Mexican Midwives, there exists a profound ceremony known as La Cerrada, or A Closing of the Bones. This beautiful healing ritual allows new mothers to revere their bodies, symbolically "closing" their energetic space around the 40th day, marking the end of the transformative fourth trimester, a phase often overlooked in our Western culture. Pregnancy and the miraculous journey of childbirth can leave a woman feeling vulnerable,both psychologically and spiritually. With my compassionate care, I guide you on your path as a mother, offering counsel and support to help integrate the different aspects of yourself that may feel fragmented or absent. This ceremony holds space for postpartum mothers, those who have experienced an abortion, or anyone seeking closure after a significant life event such as separation, illness, or any transformative stage. The ceremony begins with a ritual bath, known as bajo de hierbas, where you are immersed in a warm herbal infusion carefully selected to invigorate circulation, boost vitality, fight infections, and restore vital warmth and moisture to counteract any postpartum "cold" states. The herbs, infused with essential oils, release their therapeutic properties, promoting recuperation, balance, and relaxation.
The ritual bath alone has profound effects on the cardiovascular, hormonal,immune, musculoskeletal, and respiratory systems. Next, you are gently wrapped in a rebozo, faja, or shawl, and lovingly embraced by two partners
who sequentially "hug" your body from crown to toe. This nurturing embrace realigns and releases any muscular pain or tension that may have accumulated, harmonizing your emotions,fears, and insecurities that have arisen from conception to postpartum. Special hand massage techniques, infused oils, and careful attention are dedicated to closing the hip bones, ensuring balance and support around the pubic bones, belly, and hips. The Closing of the Bones is an intimate ritual conducted in the comfort of your own home,where I bring the magic to you. It can be a simple and tender experience for you and your baby, or we can create a beautiful ceremony tailored to your desires. You may choose to invite a few trusted women to join you in this sacred experience. If you prefer not to select specific individuals, I can bring an assistant to provide additional support and presence. Please allocate approximately 3 hours for the entire process, including setup and time for breastfeeding your baby. It is advisable to have an extra pair of hands,such as the presence of a friend, or even Papa, to tend to your little one while we engage in the ceremony. Embrace the transformative power of the Closing of the Bones ceremony and honor your journey into motherhood. Contact me today to embark on this sacred experience of closure, restoration, and profound connection.

Postpartum Yoni Steam










What is included?

  • One hour instructional session before baby is born

  • Plus One hour steam session during the first month after baby is born

  • Handmade Yoni Chair, Cushion & Steamer rental

  • Yoni Herbs


After a vaginal birth, steaming should not be done until at least three days postpartum. An indication that the body is ready is that vaginal bleeding has decreased significantly since day one postpartum. After the third day. It is a time that you can reconnect with yourself now as a parent, reconnect with your newly changing body, to take a few moments to meditate, breathe or just be with yourself. If you have very little postpartum support at home, but still want to make steaming a priority, you can steam while your baby naps, or you can hold or breastfeed your baby while you steam. If you have had a cesarean birth, you will need to wait a few weeks before you begin steaming. Allowing your body to heal very well from abdominal surgery is a priority and you can still benefit from steaming in a few weeks. 


Eight Benefits of Yoni Steaming for Postpartum


1. Steam Aids in Clearing out the Lochia

Postpartum yoni steaming supports the complete cleanse of the uterus including the lochia, a mixture of blood and mucus. The steam helps loosen and liquify the lochia allowing for its release to occur more quickly and more completely. 

Clearing out the Lochia: Helps reduce the chance of infection, of which a fever is often a sign, Reduces postpartum contractions, Helps the uterus get back to size and return to pre-pregnancy position, Helps the menstrual cycle return with a normal, optimal, and pain free period 

2. V Steaming Supports the Tightening of the Vaginal Opening and Vaginal Canal

As these vaginal tissues tighten they are better able to hold the uterus in aligned placement. In turn, other organs return to optimal positioning which helps prevent prolapse.

3. Steam Helps Lift the Uterus and Neighboring Organs back into Place

Steam has a rising action and lifts everything back into place which is a critical aspect of postpartum healing.  

With organs back in place, incidences of bladder incontinence are reduced. Contrary to our cultural misbeliefs, incontinence is not inevitable. Rather incontinence is a sign of incomplete postpartum healing.   

4. Steam Reduces Skin Swelling

Yoni steaming postpartum helps swollen skin go back to normal.

5. Steam Can Help Heal Hemorrhoids 

With its elongated diamond lid opening, My handmade Yoni Chair is purposely designed to allow the steam to reach and heal the entire pelvic floor region.

For optimal benefits for hemorrhoid release, please make sure you are positioned properly so that the steam reaches all areas of the pelvic floor, including the anus.

6. Steam Increases Circulation and Disperses Water Retention

As unaddressed water retention turns to fat after 3-4 weeks, this may be why one study showed that postpartum vaginal steaming supported quickened weight loss.

7. Postpartum Yoni Steaming may Addresses Past Period Problems

After delivery, the cervix remains open for 4-6 weeks. So during your yoni steam for postpartum, the cervix is open. This makes it it an optimal time for for a full uterine reset.

Birthing people who received a good cleanse from postpartum vaginal steaming have reported experiencing healthier periods after having given birth than they had pre-conception. 

8. Vaginal Steaming Releases Oxytocin, the feel good/ bonding hormone

Stimulation of the cervix and uterine walls releases oxytocin. As mentioned above, during postpartum yoni steaming the cervix is often open. This allows the steam to touch the vaginal canal and cervix and to stimulate the uterine walls. 

This happy/love hormone is also an important piece of the prevention of postpartum depression and oxytocin also helps support milk supply. 



IMPORTANT: Postpartum yoni steaming is only safe after the uterine arteries have closed. Proper herb selection and a personalized steaming schedule are critical for safety


From The Steamy Chick “In the United States postpartum care is minimal. It often involves 24-hours or less at the hospital and then a standard 6-week checkup. In that 6-week time period the mom does not receive any medical assistance with recovery. During this time her body is tasked with closing the vaginal canal and cervix; her uterus is to clear out all of the leftover lochia (pregnancy matter) and reduce down to its normal size; her abdominal organs return into place allowing her elimination functions (urine and bowel movements) to normalize; delivery tears and stitches (if any) have to heal; the abdominal skin is to retract and the leftover pregnancy weight is supposed to shed. Common complications include postpartum contractions, painful stitches or an infection. Needless to say, recovery can be daunting, especially when moms do not receive much instruction on what recovery entails or how to help along the process. In many cases, full recovery never happens."

---------- DISCLAIMER----------

As a Mother Roaster I am not serving as a medical professional. I am sharing the wisdom I have gained and offering you loving, healing touch. I am certified through Sacred Living University. I am offering information on traditional practices used to restore body balance. These herbal products are designed to help the body maintain normal body function and wellness.

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