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Moon Phases Of Life is proud to offer community village prenatal care. 


Village Prenatal

A Village Prenatal is a communal gathering that nourishes and celebrates pregnant people at any stage of gestation. Our gatherings support you in speaking words that empower and build trust in yourself and your baby. Activities may include grounding visualizations, belly mapping, crafting, pampering, or portraits. The topic changes every month so you can continue to come through out your pregnancy.

Mothers who have birthed before will share their personal moments of strength, power, humor, realization, and joy, demonstrating the beauty inherent to birth in all its variation. Midwives, doulas, and health practitioners may be among our circle of attendants, holding space as you navigate your pregnancy and enter parenthood, whether for the first or fourth time.

This is event is designed for the birthing parent only. 

If you would like to bring a pregnant friend or if you are not an existing Moon Phases client, the suggested donation is $20.

When: We will meet 11-2 the first Sunday of the Month


Location: Outdoors in a beautiful, tree-lined residence in Woodstock - address will be provided with registration

What to Expect

The main focus of this gathering is to celebrate, witness, and listen to the pregnant women attending this sacred circle. All women are welcome, regardless of where you are in your individual journey to, through, and beyond motherhood. If you are not pregnant, your role will be holding space and nurturing the pregnant women in attendance.

This gathering is FREE for Moon Phases Of Life clients.

  • Water, Tea, and a snack will be served upon arrival. Women attending bring a nutritious snack to share.

  • Once in circle, we open with introductions/guidelines, oracle cards, or an intimate conscious practice.

  • Pregnant women will then have the opportunity to share birth dreams, current fears, and receive body massage.

  • A fetoscope will also be available for women interested in exploring.

  • There will be group singing or dancing, but don’t worry, this is a judgment free space. Try to embrace it and have fun! My hope is that in time we can all feel comfortable letting go of our fears and really lean into our vulnerabilities. It is through the act of gathering with women, and using our voices, that we heal ourselves, and ultimately, heal the world.

  • If time allows, we will watch an undisturbed birth video, or I may invite a mother to share her positive birth story (invite only).

  • We typically close the circle with a grounding meditation.

Village Prenatal House Rules

  1. Moon Phases Of Life Village Prenatal is a positive space for positive stories only. We will not be sharing traumatic birth stories in this space.

  2. Everything said in this group stays in this group.

  3. Please drop all labels. We are not superior to anyone. We are not social media influencers. We are just women; gathering together to share and support one another in a sisterhood.

  4. We are not here to educate, give advice, or convince anyone on how or where to birth their baby or handle specific situations in their pregnancy.

  5. Please be respectful of each other and my home.

  6. Nursing babies only.

  7. Mask free space.


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