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What is it?

A Sacred Sisterhood Tent is an ancient practice of women gathering. Moons brings a force of maturation, it is a time to dance and connect!! Every Red Tent is juicy, fun, deep, healing, uplifting and transformative.
Together we will:
* Shed what no longer serves
* Connect in deep and meaningful ways
* Use the power of the collective to manifest our desires
* Upgrade our energy to step up and blossom brighter than ever before and so much more!
The food will be delicious. The bonds will be supportive and your soul will be nourished and rejuvenated in the presence of your sisters. So come play, come Be, come release, come laugh, come as you are and explore what's in store for you on this magical night. Together we are rising, together we are shining. We take the mystical approach and understanding of our cyclic nature as women.
A night where self-expression is encouraged, no topic is off-limits and judgement has no place. These gatherings are best done around the new or full moon where our cycles are at their polar peaks.


Who are we?

During the days when people were nomadic and lived in tents, a Red Tent would be erected for the women to enter during their moon cycle. Back then, since the men mostly spent time with men and the women congregated with each other, their cycles would sink up and with the New Moon. During this time, all the women in the tribe would gather for 3 days in the Red Tent. They would sit together and share stories, wisdom, guidance. They'd eat, sing, laugh and bleed on the altar objects together. Their blood was considered sacred. Today, we are no longer synched together in that way, but we can come together and honor our sacred womanhood. Women of all ages and at different times of their cycle come to Red Tent. Maiden, Mother, Wisdom Keeper all have their wisdom and beauty and we celebrate all aspects of our feminine. Divine Goddess expresses as each of us and we come together to support our journeys, laugh, cry together, heal, celebrate our victories and hold each other up when tender loving care is needed. Come as you are, for you are perfectly where you need to be. Come be held, be seen, be honored and cherished by your sisters. You are beautiful. You are loved ♥

Put simply, we are women who understand and respect the power and importance of the divine feminine.
The circle is a way for us to connect. Creating a safe space where you can feel heard, collaborate, learn and develop yourself through shared wisdom.
Women have gathered for deeper connections through discussion and experience since the times of the ancients. It is up to us to continue this tradition and create new ones, together.
We take the empowered, spiritual and metaphysical approach and combine that with our everyday experiences.


Who is this right for?

✔️ A woman ready to nurture a deeper understanding of her womanhood
✔️ A woman who yearns to live by the cycles of the moon
✔️ A woman who wishes to listen to and communicate deeper with her essence
✔️ A woman looking to connect deeper with other women.
✔️ A woman that thrives on nourishing her soul 
✔️ A woman who is ready to heal her past
✔️ All woman welcome, All ages welcome, as long as you've had a first moon(a mensuration)


What We Do

🌙I will sage the space and everyone who enters will be smudged with sage to clear the old and welcome the new, and asked: ‘How do you enter the circle?’ To which we each answered: “In perfect love and perfect trust!”
🌙An opening of OM, feeling the vibration of the sound from other Women to protect us and bring us to the highest vibration whilst in circle
🌙 Consecration of the session as a group; offering up the karmic fruits of the session and the actions of one another to divine consciousness, and waiting for a response
🌙 A short meditation intended to anchor us in the present moment, and to connect us with our breath to instil a sense of calmness and openness to others
🌙 Opening our circle through the introduction and acknowledgement of each member
🌙 Introducing the theme of the evening and opening the floor for the women who would like to share and let their voices be heard.
🌙 Honouring The Lunar Cycle through activities designed to inform, enlighten and create a conversation around periods.
🌙 Setting boundaries and honouring your authentic expression during these times.
🌙 Partake in a partner exercise
🌙 Shake and release practice. Gentle movement. Dance.
🌙 Meditation to ground after emotions may arise from releasing.
🌙 Seal container with mantra and/or one round of group OM.


Why we do this

As women living in this fast-paced predominantly patriarchal world, it can be distracting and difficult to remember to connect with our sacred womanhood. We believe in creating a safe space to breathe nurture, admire and form a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Woman. Arming us with the tools and learnings that will allow us to embody our presence, our light, our cycles and our yoni.
What To Bring

* Potluck dish to share with the group (Nutritious, Dairy and Gluten Free Options Also)

* Wear RED for New Moon, wear WHITE for Full Moon 

* A Journal and pen

* An altar object you would like charged up (optional)

* Your own water bottle to tread lightly on Mother Earth

* Your Authentic Self (come as you are, all parts of you are perfect)

* A comfy poof or pillow to sit on, pillow, blanket, clothing to accommodate weather

Order of the night

5:30 - 6:00 Pot-luck (Breaking bread together is part of the ritual, please arrive early enough and with a GF/DF dish or dessert)

6:00 - 7:00ish Circle Ceremony

7:00-7:45 Group Activity

7:45 - 8:00 Post-circle sister hang out

Circle Rules

Creating and Holding A Safe Space

• confidentiality: what’s shared in the circle, stays in the circle

• building trust

Speaking from the HEART

• unprepared, your truth, when things “bubble up”…

•you can “speak” by being silent, through movement or any other form of expression you choose

Show Respect

• voicing anger, rage, frustration,…without talking somebody or something down and/or hurting somebody with words or actions

•  –2-waylearning: 1.recognize“rescuer/healer/helper pattern”& only step in when asked. 2.Learn to ask for help/support when needed.

Being Succinct

take the space & time you need while being aware of others: as long as needed, as brief and succinct as

Being In Circle

talking stick(one shares, others are present & listen)

sharing's are placed in the centre (non-confrontational, neutral ground) where things can be seen, released and acknowledged in the collective circle field

Empowering Self & Others

• acknowledging own needs

• acknowledging differences Young ones: can leave circle at anytime when needed. Empower yourself by taking yourself away if things are “too much” or not relevant(boring),etc. Older ones: empower yourself to voice your needs


NO PHONES(unless work demands)

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