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Amy's Story


My name is Amy Luebke

I’ve been a dedicated certified practitioner of sacred, traditional, radical & holistic care since 2019. I have been practicing in my own life with my husband, 3 children and all of our animals on our homestead and in our community of Woodstock IL and McHenry County since 2016. I love empowering people to understand their bodies and educating them on being safe and comfortable in pregnancy, labor, life and death.

Everything I offer I have personally experienced from pregnancy, multiple pregnancy losses to adoption, fertility-IVF and assisting sick family members gather their affairs in order to caring for them during their last years, months, days and even death.  I am a empath, I can feel & heal energy. I am very intuitive spiritually and I consider myself to very connected to the other side. I make and create a ton of different things from canned goods to personal care products right from my gardens that I incorporate into my practice and services I offer.


I am passionate about offering transparent support, education, guidance and information to my clients.

I do not judge anyone, I welcome everyone with open arms.


While providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere. I am always looking to integrate new treatments and therapies into my practice and believe that continued learning is important for any good  scared traditional healer and worker. I am always learning and taking all sorts of fun knowledgeable courses so I can share them with YOU!


In my free time you can find me on my 3 acre farm spending time with my husband (Marine Corp veteran) our children, while we play with our chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, work in the garden, collect eggs, and care for the dog, bunny and rescue animals.

Follow my homestead life at       luebkeacres






Fun Facts-

My favorite season is Fall- just something about cozying up by a bonfire in a hoodie and yoga pants. AHHHHH

My favorite colors are black and purple

My favorite shows are true crime, drama medical, I am guilty of some trash tv too

My favorite foods are salads, soups, all Mexican dishes

I'm a MEGA cheer, wrestling & football Mama, bring on all the glitter & bows, tackle and pin screams

I am deathly allergic to Shellfish


Certified Midwife Assistant at Birth Arts International

Certified Birth Doula at Dona International

Certificate of Completion — Breastfeeding Support for Doulas

Certificate of Attendance — Spinning Babies Workshop

Certified End of Life Doula at IAP, NEDA proficient

Certified Ordained Minister at Universal Life Church

Certified Basic Life Support & AED

Certified Neonatal Resuscitation Program

Certified Blood Borne Pathogens 

Completed a course called Nutrition For Your Healthy Pregnancy (Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum) 

Completed a Aromatherapy Course

Completed a Vaginal Steam Course

Currently enrolled at Indie Birth Autonomous Midwifery & Sacred Postpartum Healing 

Woodstock Chamber Of Commerce
Mother Roaster
Birth Arts Int.
Amy Luebke
all of us
Universal Life Church
Indie Birth
Neonatal NRP
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