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Unassisted birth, or freebirth, is intentionally birthing with no professional assistance, and I recognize you have the right to choose this method of birth.  I know many unassisted birthers face judgment, derision, and a refusal to help from birth professionals.  Parents who choose this option take full responsibility for their birth, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want some pregnancy or postpartum services, and I am happy to provide them. I believe that undisturbed birth is best practice. I can blend into the background at a birth and hold incredible space for you while your freebirth. I also understand that even the most invisible sacred wise woman/midwife can still influence the actions of a labouring person, so much so that they are inhibited. Birth is a raw, sacred, vulnerable, intimate, and psychosexual  experience for the birthing person (and if applicable, their partner/s too); it is always a privilege and honour to be invited to share this experience as a sacred wise woman, midwife, or as a friend.


​ I am happy to provide prenatal care, newborn exams, newborn health screenings, and postpartum care for individuals and families planning freebirths. 

Services To Choose From:
  • Initial Prenatal Visit (2-3hrs) $450 

  • Each additional Prenatal Visit (1-2hrs) $150 each (Ideally, at least one visit per trimester.) 

  • Lab work in home as desired( cost varies or ran through insurance through Quest Diagnostics)

  • Birth supply box and supply list $75

  • 24-48hr Initial Postpartum Visit (2-3hr), including Newborn Exam, Newborn Metabolic Screening (PKU+), & Filling out birth certificate $500

  • Follow-up Postpartum Visit  (1hr) $200—this visit is scheduled between 1 week and 3 weeks postpartum.

  • Each additional Postpartum Visit (1-2hr) $150 each



If you are planning to birth unassisted (freebirth), I offer this package to help make your choice as safe and convenient as possible.  With the package, you may use as many or few of these services as you want.  Services are also available individually.

  • Exceptional evidence-based care and personal attention by our supportive traditional midwife

  • Phone access to the midwife during the prenatal and postpartum periods

  • As many or few prenatal visits as you want for maternal fetal monitoring, including urgent after-hours visits

  • Postpartum visit to check for tears, suturing if necessary

  • New Born Exam

  • Metabolic (“blood spot” or “PKU”) screening for the baby

  • Birth certificate assistance

Cost: $1,000


We spend approximately 4 hours together going over the following topics with plenty of time for questions:​

  • Common complications & how to manage them or when to seek professional, medical/emergency help

  • Hot to cut the cord and examine, dispose of, and/or preserve the placenta

  • Newborn resuscitation training adapted to unassisted birth

  • Hemorrhage prevention training adapted to unassisted birth

  • General supplies needed for labour, birth, and postpartum, plus extras for specific circumstances

  • How to obtain newborn health screenings, a birth certificate, and a social security card for your baby

  • Some of the less thought of logistics of homebirth and unassisted birth, like the realities of having to transport to the hospital 


The class costs $450* to be paid between the time of scheduling and the date of the class.

*A discount is offered for groups of 3 or more couples (pregnant person + partner and another support person) who take the class together. The cost is $350 per couple.


Due to my current schedule, it is best to inquire early about scheduling a class with me.

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