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Benefits of Birthing at Home

Maybe you’ve never thought about it before. Maybe you haven’t yet had the courage or the space to ask. Explore below just a few of the benefits to birthing in your own home within a model of encouragement and collaboration.

Personalized care. There is no one size fits all to midwifery care. As humans and individuals, our physical and emotional needs vary. The majority of your appointments will focus on building a mutual relationship and trust and discussing your questions and concerns. You are the center of your care. Prenatal and postpartum appointments typically last an hour. In a recent physician report, data reported doctors spending an estimate of only 13-16 minutes with a patient! Only 11-15% reported even spending more than 25 minutes with a patient per appointment.

A holistic view. Your pregnancy and birth are viewed as inherently safe NORMAL events that you AND your baby are actively involved in. This experience involves all body systems and is greatly impacted by both internal and external stressors. Together we will look at your diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and stressors.

In-Home prenatal and postpartum visits. I am a guest and guide in this journey. I am passionate about being able to offer prenatal and postpartum in the comfort and safety of your own home and space. This is your process.

Increased focus on postpartum care. The postpartum period is an extremely special yet challenging time. This is a time to be cared for and a time to rest. Again, I come to you. Your focus is on healing and feeding and nurturing your new baby. After birth through 6-8wks, I will see you at least 5 times. In the US, approximately 1 in 9 moms suffer from postpartum depression (PPD). Prenatally we will have many discussions to encourage you to create a postpartum family plan and system that will best support you both emotionally and physically and leave you and your family feeling cared for, as well as provide any necessary resources.

Increased focus on postpartum care.

A partner in your care. You play an active role in your care. Labor and homebirth require a lot of responsibility on the part of clients. You are encouraged to listen to the wisdom of your body and ultimately as the birthing person, to make all the choices. This is your process. As much as you can, you are creating your own experience. We are a team; making and sharing decisions. Together we will work to ensure you have the resources you need to make informed decisions that leave you feeling confident, empowered, and safe.

Your space, your birth. This is your opportunity to birth on your terms, in your power, in your own space. We work around you, monitoring you and your baby where you are. Not the other way around. You have the freedom to move around, eat, drink, and push how and where you want. You set the pace, you call the shots, you own the process. You are surrounded by those who make you feel safe, loved, and encouraged. Every labor and birth is unique and we adapt to how yours unfolds.

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