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Allergy Season Is Here ( well almost )

After a long cold winter we welcome the warmer and sunnier days. For many allergy sufferers, however, this is the beginning of tissue season. But does allergy affect everyone the same way? Not everyone with allergy have runny nose, watery eyes, tickling cough, or itchy ears.

There are different pharmaceuticals prescribed for these allergic immune reactions. There are also many natural substances that can be used on their own or in conjunction with pharmaceuticals. Some are made from the lining of eggs, some are natural herbs. My favorite is still Elderberry & Vit C at a high oral dose. Not only does it help prevent histamine release, it also ensures your immune system healthy. Too often anti-allergy medications will also suppress normal immune responses. I also favor plant sterols or omega 3 fatty acids. They keep the cell membranes of mast cells less reactive. If you are someone who is highly reactive, it also does not hurt to try out a low histamine diet. A quick google search will tell you which foods are high histamine and which foods are safer. Eliminating food sensitivities is an integral part of reducing allergy symptoms on its own or with some of the above mentioned nutrients.

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