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Natural Childbirth, What Does It Feel Like?

Giving birth is a unique experience for everyone.  It’s hard to articulate exactly what it feels like to have a baby naturally, and every woman has a different reflection on their own labor.  We know that a lot of what people reflect on when they think about how their birth felt was whether or not they felt like they were in charge, their needs and wishes were honored, and whether or not they received the kind of care that helped them to feel safe. We know that when women feel safe giving birth, they tend to report that it wasn’t quite as painful as someone who didn’t feel safe and cared for.

What Does Natural Childbirth Feel Like?

Giving birth naturally is somewhat of an out of body experience.  Hormones surge to a degree that one has never experienced in their life before.  These hormones help to create natural contractions and help someone to cope with the intensity of natural labor sensations.  Natural childbirth is hard! People have to be really committed to giving birth naturally because they know of the great benefits of doing so.  This commitment is tested in labor, often in transition, for many people who are giving birth naturally. People who choose to give birth naturally are able to move around throughout their labor and get into any position that they like, are able to utilize the warm birth tub to help them to cope with labor and birth as they want to use it, and are able to be supported by their partners, doula, and midwives with massage, hands on counter pressure, and breathing techniques.

What Do Contractions Feel Like?

Contractions are the firming and the squeezing of the large uterine muscle.  Contractions come in waves so most people have a break between them throughout their entire labor.  In other words, a contraction will start to come on and build over the course of about a minute, it will peak, and then it will start to subside.  The laboring person often gets a break at this point for a couple of minutes before the next contraction starts to build.  

Watching Birth Videos in Preparation 

Watching birth videos is a great way to appropriately prepare for the experience of giving birth.  Watching birth videos that represent the type of birth you want to have is not only a good way to learn about what it might be like but to also be set up with realistic expectations for giving birth.  To watch birth videos, follow Moon Phases Of Life on Instagram and search for natural childbirth videos on YouTube.

Recap: What Does Natural Childbirth Feel Like?

Natural childbirth feels differently for everyone.  It will likely be the greatest physical challenge of a person’s life, but with the support of natural endorphins it is something that is possible for anyone who wants to have it.  The challenge of natural childbirth is a physical feat like no other and many women share that it is the hardest thing they’ve ever done, but it comes with immense reward for both moms and their babies.

To learn more about natural childbirth you can attend our childbirth education classes or schedule a consultation with me.

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