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What To Expect At Our Homebirth Like A Badass Childbirth Class

Did you know that women who have a natural birth report feeling more satisfied by their birth experiences than women who do not?  Did you know that one of the best ways to prepare for a natural birth is to take a birthing class?  Taking a childbirth education class will give you the tools that you need to head into your birth empowered and with the confidence that each person needs in order to give birth on their own terms!

What to Expect at a Birthing Class

A high quality birthing class will prepare the pregnant and soon-to-be birthing person for the type of birth that they’re planning on.  If you desire to have a natural birth, the childbirth class from Moon Phases Of Life is likely going to be the perfect guide for you.  Once you’ve chosen the birthing class that is the right fit for you, you can expect to learn all about each of the stages of labor: early labor, active labor, pushing, and the delivery of the placenta.  Additionally, you will learn about what a contraction is, how to know when your contractions mean that you’re in active labor, how to cope through the challenges of giving birth and postpartum and even mental health. Your partner will learn about how to support you during these stages of labor and you will ideally learn about ways to use your breath during contractions while your partner is taught a variety of hands on support techniques.  You can also learn about the anatomy and physiology of labor and how the body changes to allow for a baby to be born.

Importance of Birthing Classes 

Taking an appropriate birthing class can make all of the difference!  As midwives, I highly recommend that each of our clients giving birth for the first time take a birthing class as I see much higher rates of natural birth in those who are appropriately prepared.  Taking a quality birthing class means that both you and your partner can be better equipped to handle the challenges that may arise on your big day. If you have an understanding of what is going on in the body as labor progresses then it can help to reduce fear and increase your ability to cope, while also increasing your partner’s level of confidence in supporting you.  You will also gain knowledge of all of the options available to you during childbirth such as waterbirth, an epidural, Pitocin, newborn procedures, etc.  It can be so empowering to know about your options ahead of time so that you can have a thorough and meaningful birth plan prepared for yourself before going into labor.  If you choose to take an online birthing class you will also have the opportunity to meet and connect with other people who are having their first baby around the time that you are.  You will be able to listen to other people’s questions and apprehensions. This may help you to acknowledge your own fears or concerns about birth and will give you the opportunity to work through them before you’re in labor, which will be supportive to having a natural birth.

Key Considerations When Selecting Childbirth Education Classes 

When you are considering your options for taking a childbirth education class it’s important to find the class that mirrors the type of birth you want to have.  If you want to have a natural birth take a class that includes natural coping techniques.  If you want to have an epidural during your birth, find a class that teaches about hospital based interventions.  If you want to give birth while breathing your baby out, maybe a hypnobirthing class is what’s right for you. It’s important to research the classes that are available near you so that you can come prepared to your own birthing class knowing that it’s the right one for you.  It’s also important to find the right setting for you. Hospital based classes are held inside of hospitals whereas natural birthing classes are taught in alternative, often warmer settings. If you’d like to take a class from the comfort of your own home then an online birthing class is likely what’s best for you. Furthermore, it’s important to find a class that is taught by someone that you trust!  

What to Expect at a Birthing Class with Moon Phases Of Life

I present a birthing class that teaches participants about what happens within the body during labor, how to identify which stage of labor you’re in, and how to cope with each part of labor effectively.  This class is tailored to people who are planning a natural birth in any setting. I discuss the anatomy and physiology of labor, including hormones and how they come into play. I emphasize presence in order to allow for labor and birth to unfold naturally and teach couples how to work together to help the birthing person cope through their contractions.  We talk about what to expect after having a baby, and what options are available in both the home and the hospital setting.

Send a message to if you’re interested in taking your birthing class with us!

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