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Why We Love Manuka Honey

Harvested from bees that pollinate the manuka bush, this honey contains quite a few healing powers. Honey has been used in wound healing for centuries. Herbalist have treated a variety of conditions from eczema, severe diabetic ulcers, mouth ulcers, herpes, to cuts on the skin. The idea is not so far fetched if you think of how penicillin is just fancy bread mold.

Applying honey to a wound protects it from outside stresses, be it stretching, drying, or contamination. Honey is naturally anti-inflammatory so they are great for difficult eczema cases. It also naturally absorbs bad odors from an infected wound. Being rather sticky in nature, honey binds to any damaged tissue on the surface of the wound and takes it away with it when the honey is washed off, leaving a perfectly clean surface.

What is unique about Manuka honey is it’s high level of antibacterial capability. It actively kills gram negative and gram positive bacteria. It's a natural gem!

Manuka honey is a wound healing super star!